Dating a politician

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a politician. They’re dream dates when it comes to meet-the-parents dinners and office parties — assuming your parents’ political views don’t clash with his/hers completely.

And you might be able to use your new dating life as an excuse to buy a slightly more polished wardrobe, too. They know how to look you in the eye, listen actively, and articulately engage in conversation on a number of topics. But they can also chat about the little stuff, too.

If you are related to media background or a social activist, then you have bright chances of finding a 'good' politician date (because you share a common thought process).

Not sure if you should say yes to the dinner-date offer from your cute local representative? From the firm handshakes to the clean-cut haircuts, politicians present themselves with class and confidence.

It was hard earned money and that is why they used the money helped them move forward. If you decide to go ahead with your stupid plan, then just know one thing, KARMA is a BITCH!

I remember my mother telling me that she would wake up early every morning to milk the cows, take the milk to the dairy then go to people’s farm to work so that she can get money, and i sh*t you not, she is successful right now because of what she did in the past.

Fast forward to the 21st century woman, who, just wants to smell and look good, drive a good car, live in a big house and be the envy of every 19 year old, not that there is anything wrong with that but the way of getting all that is what is wrong.

We live in a society full of lazy, over ambitious women.You must make the decision of how involved you will be in there life during and after their career.If you are a politician yourself then you are aware of the stressful and exciting schedule your date may have.Women who want to own the world but cannot work hard for it because somebody, i dont know who, gave them an easier way to almost owning the world.Back in our parents and grandparents days, women used to work for their money. You will always live with thsle fear of being found out. If he is cheating on his wife with you, dont think karma wont catch up with you and give youva cheating husband too. Noone, not even the politician will EVER respect you, EVER!! If for some stupid reason you decide to get pregnant so that you can trap the politician, chances of him giving you money for an abortion, which is murder, are higher than those of him jumping up and down shouting with joy telling you to keep the baby. If he allows you to have the baby, which is unlikely, he will eventually forget about you and your baby somewhere along the line. You will NEVER do anything constructive with the money you get from your politician boyfriend. My reasons for not dating a politician may not convince most of you, but at least i tried telling you not to. Dress up, hobnob with some powerful, influential people, sip wine and try to keep up with rapid-fire conversations and tongue-in-cheek jabs. When your date travels, you might have the opportunity to tag along. They’re even more impressive when you have to cross a border to get to one. Fortunately, politicians are also good with scheduling things in — and you’ll still be a priority.


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