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In our recent Facebook Live interview (below), Jeffrey Donovan admitted he never knew what his co-star was going to do next, saying Strickland fully embodied “Linda’s cunning way of looking at life.”" data-reactid="14"Shut Eye also features two of the toughest broads on TV (network, cable, or streaming): Ka Dee Strickland and Isabella Rossellini.As Marks crime family matriarch Rita, Rossellini is all gravitas and wily charm, while Strickland makes an even bigger impression as Linda, Charlie’s ambitious and dangerous wife of 14 years.

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The simple 30-minute routine requires no weights but will deliver noticeable results when performed three to four times a week.

By Rick Kissell USA’s “Burn Notice” wrapped its seven-season run Thursday with its largest audience in two years, standing as TV’s most-watched scripted program of the night. By Cynthia Littleton USA Network will call it a wrap for “Burn Notice” at the end of its seventh season that begins June 6.

Fox Television Studios’ spy vehicle created by Matt Nix has been a pillar of the cabler’s sked…

Inside Tips: If you can't do 20 straight pushups, try doing them with your knees on the floor or on an elevated surface (such as with your hands on a bench).

The close-grip pullups should be done with hands inside shoulder-width.


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