Obsessive dating

“In a healthy relationship, you encourage the other person to be good for you. Of course, you want to spend time with the object of your affection, but if someone is in love, you support their efforts, even if it means separation.

In a limerent relationship, you want the person for you and it feels smothering,” Wakin explains.

Fast forward to a couple months ago, when he managed to get more than 30 likes on an landscape photo he posted and mysteriously caught the Instagram bug.

My boyfriend was a pretty lukewarm social media participant when we met, which is part of what I liked about him—he’d never ignore me for his phone, and it always felt like we were so present when we hiked together.

You’re out exploring a great big world together, but he’s focused on the pixels in his hand.

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A good rule of thumb for eye contact “is to look at…eyes long enough to register what color they are before looking away.” Staring deep into someone’s eye upon first meeting them is awkward.The attentive guy knows that body language makes up 55% of communication in many situations. Simple gestures like opening doors or picking up something she’s dropped are appreciated.But, an obsessed guy goes overboard because he’s hoping to get something in return.Additionally, she will be continually rehearse what she plans to say to you in the future in order to get confirmation that her feelings are reciprocated.One of the clearest indicators of limerence is determining the nature of the relationship.That is what makes them great for what they do, Their attention to detail means they can prepare for any disaster and get the best people to carry out the task at hand.


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