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At MSA trials committee level it would be good to have both views submitted.Camel Vale Motor Club Ltd will this year be running 6 Autotests and 8 Autosolos, which through the suggestion and sponsorship of Mark Crowle from W. Allen & Son, Tyre Specialists, will form a combined event championship under the following rules and any subsequent rule changes that have to be made throughout the season.Determined to meet her own Mr Right, last year Paula (30) embarked on a campaign of online and speed dating in Dublin.The Today FM broadcaster went on one date every week for eight months and documented her experiences for the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show.It's a scenario that will be all too familiar to people of all ages right across the country, especially at this time of the year - both online dating sites and matchmaking agencies report that January is by far the busiest month for new sign-ups.But Teodora Sutra says that it's not just a matter of putting your eye on someone.

Both were drunken, horny and hungry for her sexy body.This has now been put before the MSA for a change in the Blue Book.This is NOW out for consultation and you have until the 24th June to reply. There are no restrictions on engine tuning, providing the cylinder block is of the same manufacture and configuration as the original and available during the production life of the vehicle. This rule doesnt ban any car with an engine that doesnt meet the rule as these cars will be reclassified into class 7 and NOT banned.Your demo of E MC/2 brought it to me in practical terms. Friday 3rd February Navigational Scatter Friday 17th February Navigational Scatter Sunday 5th March Camel Heights Trial Friday 10th March Navigational Scatter Sunday 19th March Auto Solo Sunday 2nd April Presidents Trial Sunday 9th April Auto Test Sunday 23rd April Auto Solo Sunday 7th May Four Turnings Trial Sunday 14th May Auto Test Sunday 14th May Auto Solo Sunday 28th May Lanjew Trial Sunday 4th June Auto Solo Sunday 11th June Poldew Car Trial Sunday 11th June Calvin Sporting Trial Sunday 25th June Auto Test Sunday 2nd July Auto Solo Saturday 8th July Castle Hill Climb Sunday 9th July Castle Hillclimb Sunday 23rd July Auto Test Saturday 5th August Castle Hillclimb Sunday 9th August Castle Hillclimb Sunday 27th August Auto Test Monday 28th August Auto Solo Sunday 10th September Auto Test Saturday 16th September Robin Alexander Sunday 17h September Auto Solo Friday 6th October Navigational Scatter Friday 20th October Navigational Scatter Sunday 22nd October Auto Solo Sunday 5th November Bodmin Trial Friday 10th November Navigational Scatter Sunday 19th November Auto Solo Sunday 3rd December Camel Classic Trial We also co-promote with South Hams MC & Plymouth MC Friday 11th August 12 Car Rally Saturday 12th August Auto Test Sunday 13th August Stage Rally The ASWMC Summer 2017 Newsletter is now available on the ASWMC web-site; just follow this link: you are probably aware the ACTC consulted clubs and members last year about changing the engine rule for classic trials.The 24th June is thus your last chance to voice your opinion on the proposed new regulation.


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