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There were multiple bad reviews and customer complaints were easily searchable.

I went ahead and visited the site anyway and I had aspirations of flirting, hookup up, perhaps even getting lucky.

All I find on them are cam girls just wanting me to visit their own site and pay them money. I haven't met one real girl on any of these type of hookup sites. I talked to a number of women but when push came to shove no one ended up going out with me. A few sent me photo's while we were texting but that is not much especially when I am paying good money every month for the privilege of speaking to other Flirt members.

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Fake profiles and other reasons, is just another scam site to separate you from your money.

This is exactly the case with and I couldn’t be more accurate here in exposing this bullshit!

Flirt Hook Up ‘Fake’ Details Exposed Let’s just begin with a sample of the web site’s terms and conditions page that bascially flat out exposes their efforts to incorporate fake profiles.

Flirt (Together Network) absolutely has thee worst customer service I have ever came across.

Then to make the whole experience worse they charged my card for .99 even after I removed my account and refuse to refund.


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