Updating adobe reader

Thank you I don't know why you're having problems but I would suggest trying foxit pdf reader. Maybe someone else would have some insight as to why adobe reader won't install. Several of those times, it was because there was an outdated version of Adobe Reader already packed with the laptops in question and a fresh install would just cause weird things to happen.

If you can't get it to install, make sure that all versions are uninstalled from Programs list in Control Panel, then go into your Program Files Local, and delete ALL "Reader" folders inside the "Adobe" folders.

You can even use your device camera to scan a document, whiteboard, or receipt and save it as a PDF.

Adobe online services are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms and the Adobe Privacy Policy.

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As you can see below the computer settings are actual “policy” settings and as such do act and behave as normal group policy settings.Pick one of the links below to discover all that Adobe Learn has to offer.Reader 10.1.2 crashes, hangs, or nothing happens, when you try to print. If the printer light blinks, prints only odd or even pages, or asks you to load paper, see Printer defaults to both sides | Reader, Acrobat 10.1.2.I have tried several times to install it but no luck.I do have the Adobe flash player, but for some reason the reader will not load Can someone help me with this problem, I am unable to load PDF files at all.If you want to find out more about how to configure Adobe Reader with Policy Pak then go to 1.


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