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Sous-genres Anarcho-punk, beatdown hardcore, crossover thrash, crust punk, D-beat, digital hardcore, emo, grindcore, hardcore mélodique, metalcore, post-hardcore, powerviolence, crossover thrash, skate punk, thrashcore Genres dérivés Black metal, death metal, grunge, crossover thrash, screamo, speed metal, thrash metal Genres associés Heavy metal, rock alternatif, street punk ayant émergé en Angleterre et aux États-Unis.

Quant à la partie américaine, le genre initialement développé au Sud de la Californie, autour de la ville de Los Angeles.

The muse of the Andy Warhol crowd, actress in Warhol's play, "Pork," the first "video chick" who starred in David Bowie's "Jean Genie," author and mother of model Mia Tyler. I had just read her book and as a pre-teen in the '70s, loved seeing her pictures in Rock Scene magazine and wrote in my diary that she was the most beautiful woman in the world! Amazing - years after her heyday and she looked exactly the same! And it turned out to be a lifelong Johnny Thunders topic. I had no idea; I hadn't drank or done drugs or anything. Johnny comes in and somebody said, "Here let's just do a little bump." And I thought "Okay it's coke." But I know I don't like coke, so... It wasn't coke it was THC or something really really strong.

As an older teen, I emulated her by bleaching my hair platinum blonde. I told her I loved her book and she let me take pictures of her. Cyrinda looked super in my faux fur - but then again, Cyrinda would look good in a potato sack!

Click any thumbnailto see larger version Cyrinda & David Johansen, PUNK Benefit May 4, 1977 Cyrinda & David Bowie, 1972 At the New York Dolls'"Rock'N'Roll"CD release party. that's all I can remember, really, about that party. Somebody said, "Let's get out of here." And John says, "What are we gonna do with Cyrinda?

L-R: Janice, Cyrinda, Gayle Higgins Cyrinda & friend Justin Love at the PUNK 25th Anniversary Party at CB's Gallery, January 10, 2001 Cyrinda starringwith David Johansenin "The Legendof Nick Detroit"(PUNK #6) to celebrate the return of PUNK Magazine, along with spoken word performances and live entertainment from anyone who's anyone in the punk genre.

Malgré cela, certaines formes de hardcore comme le street punk (dont seulement une partie est punk hardcore), sont promus pour leurs visions nihiliste typique de certains groupes punk des années 1970, comme ceux les Sex Pistols. Malgré les exposants de ce genre souvent proche des attitudes nihilistes et auto-destructeur typique du mouvement punk au début, une partie de celui-ci, en Grande-Bretagne l'anarcho-punk et aux États-Unis le , rompu considérablement de cette philosophie, et commence à s'interroger sur les conditions sociales, économiques et politiques dans un esprit constructif et cohérent.

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